Welcome to CapScribe 3

A captioning and description editor for all


The CapScribe 3 editor is an easy-to-use tool for adding captions or audio description to digital video for web or computer playback.

CapScribe in caption edit mode

The CapScribe 3 Editor is set to caption mode, displaying various editing features and controls.

CapScribe in description edit mode

CapScribe 3 is set to description mode. Descriptive Video voice recordings can be live or employ various synthetic (TTS) voices.

Hands-on with CapScribe

If you are working for an academic institution and would like to use CapScribe, please get in touch with us.

Caption and Description Demos

I have a Dream

We had a great time using Capscribe to caption the historic Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, which took place at the historic March on Washington, August 28, 1963. The speech is at once historic and so timely.

Captions are on by default.

Big Buck Bunny Described

We used CapScribe’s synthetic speech description tool to describe a two minute excerpt of the open source 3D animation, Big Buck Bunny, created and copyright by the Blender Foundation.

There is no spoken dialog in this video, just the added AD audio which has been combined with the original soundtrack.

If you’d like, you can read the described audio as you listen to the video. Just select ‘Script for AD Narration’ from the video player’s Subtitles menu to toggle this feature on or off.

Sintel Captioned and Described

Here’s a one minute captioned and described excerpt of the open source 3D animation. Like Big Buck Bunny, the Sintel video is created and copyright by the Blender Foundation.

Captions are on by default.

To read the described video script along with the captions while watching the video, select ‘Script for AD Narration’ from the video player’s Subtitles menu.

If you’re curious, you can alternately select “AD Narration with Mock-up Tags” from the Subtitles menu. The mock-up tags are inline commands that alter the way synthetic speech is spoken.

CapScribe 3 Features

  • A simple interface and workflow that lets users move swiftly through their video projects,
  • Precise control and adjustment over the creation of each caption or description,
  • Ability to switch between captions and video description editing while in the same project,
  • Creation of video description using synthetic voice (text-to-speech) in addition to live voice recording,
  • Cross-platform availability for Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Who’s Developing CapScribe 3

Inclusive Media and Design Inc has been evolving CapScribe since the early 2000s. We use CapScribe as our in-house production tool.

We are currently working on:

  • Improving the responsiveness of our newly released descriptive video module,
  • Integrating automated speech-to-text services as an adjunct to manual caption writing,
  • Addressing screen reader accessibility so that navigation and access to CapScribe’s tools and features are better optimized,
  • Exploring collaboration tools that let multiple CapScribe users work together,
  • Enabling dynamic resizing of CapScribe’s video display,
  • Enhancing Capscribe’s overall interface design.


We are grateful to the Broadcasting Accessibility Fund (BAF) for all their support and funding, without which CapScribe’s reboot would not be possible!