CapScribe Team Members

CapScribe Ongoing Development

  • Rob Harvie, Project Head, Inclusive Media+Design Inc.
  • Charles Silverman, Lead Designer + Developer, Inclusive Media+Design
  • Antonio Gamba-Bari, Programming + Design, Inclusive Media+Design
  • David Best, Screen Reader Usability, Inclusive Media+Design
  • Colin Clark, Technical Advisor, Inclusive Design Resource Centre, OCADU
Zoom video view of Charles, Rob, Antonio, and David having a virtual meeting.

Charles, Rob, Antonio, and David (from left to right)
meet for one of our virtual weekly planning sessions.

Thanks to Colin Clark and members of his team at Ontario College of Art and Design Univerity’s Inclusive Design Resource Centre for their ongoing technical and conceptual support for CapScribe 3.

Previous Team Members (CapScribe 2)

  • Colin Taylor, Programmer, Mohawk College
  • Jennifer Curry Jahnke, Project Liaison, Mohawk College
  • Andrea Jelic, Project Coordinator, Mohawk College
  • Tracey Kadish, Team Leader, Mohawk College

Thanks to The Accessible Media Production Graduate Certificate Program, Colin Taylor, and students at Mohawk College who collaborated with us in our CapScribe 2 reboot!